Login Problems

  • I was disconnected while playing. What happens to my last game? >>

    In the event of a sudden disconnection of the internet, we have designed our system to cope in a manner that protects our players from unjustifiable loss.
    Winorama's 'Disconnection Policy' is as follows: Any card purchased by a player, (by pressing Play Now, or Play Again) but not used by such a player for any reason whatsoever, including technical failure, will be played automatically by the System on behalf of the player. The outcome of the play will be updated automatically into the player's balance. When logging in following the disconnection, the player will see the outcome of the relevant card by clicking on the "Games History" button.


Security Policy & Identity confirmation

  • I cannot enter the @ sign in the email field. What can I do? >>

    In order to enter the @ sign in the email filed a certain keyboard combination must be used depending on your keyboard language:

    • US Keyboard – press “Shift” and then “2”.
    • French Keyboard – press “AltGr” (right-hand Alt key) and then “0” (zero).
    • UK Keyboard – press “Shift” and then “”” (Quotes).
    • German Keyboard – press “AltGr” (right-hand Alt key) and then “Q”.
  • I receive a message the User name already exists. What can I do? >>

    In the event of trying to create an account and you receive a message that the Username already exists, check the following:

    1. Another client may have created an account with that Username. In that case, try entering a different name.
    2. You may have already created an account and cannot remember the correct password when trying to login. See here for information on restoring passwords.

Sign Up Problems

  • I forgot my Password and/or Username. What can I do? >>

    Click here for information on restoring Username and/or Password.

  • I received an error message "Invalid Username or Password", What can I do? >>


    If you receive this message, you are most likely attempting to login to Winorama with the wrong Username and/or Password.

    • Please check if you are in Caps Lock mode or have the wrong language setting on your keyboard.
    • If that does not help, please check if you have the email we sent you with your Username and Password and try to use the copy and paste option.
    • Go to the “Forgot Password” section where you have the option to have your password mailed to the email address provided during sign-up.
    • If that is not available, contact our support team.



Technical Problems